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Leaders and Teams 

Consulting for Leaders & Teams

Keeping leaders and teams resilient, engaged and productive

Using mindful inquiry, I partner with leaders in their respective organizations to help foster a culture of resilience and effectiveness.  My practice areas include organizational change, equity, diversity and inclusion and contemplative leadership.

Strategic Visioning 



Visioning is a process that provides clarity to achieve your leadership and organization’s strategic objectives. Not to be confused with visualization, visioning is a distinct practice of inquiry that allows for profound and often surprising insights to be revealed. It goes beyond surface-level problem solving and run of the mill planning to identify transformative insights that are aligned with your teams shared vision and values.

Visioning enables thoughtful, intentional decision-making, helping to create sustainable change. I will guide you and your leadership team through this reflective process with pointed questions aimed at uncovering not just your immediate goals but your truest shared vision in service of achieving the highest potential for your organization. 

Once a vision has been revealed, I will partner with you to develop a practical and actionable plan for meaningful change.

My visioning services area geared towards the following areas: 

  • Equity, Inclusion and Diversity 
  • Mission and Vision Planning 
  • Building Leadership Capacity 
  • Building a mindful leadership team 
  • Building a mindful organization and work culture

Contemplative Leadership Development 

Helping Leaders to Expand inner  Capacity 

A growing number of leaders are discovering the benefits of contemplative practices and  prioritizing inner qualities that cultivate resilience and leadership effectiveness. Because the most important leadership tool first and foremost is the leader’s self, I work with leaders to develop greater self-awareness.
When leaders are fully present, they can lead from a place of clarity.

Contemplatively oriented leaders are better poised to lead during times of uncertainty and adversity. Contemplative practices expand one’s capacity, allowing leaders to cultivate inner strength, flexibility, resilience, and present moment awareness so they can operate from a place of calm and make decisions in the highest service of their organization.

For emerging and seasoned leaders, my consulting services are intended to: 

  • increase self-awareness
  • enhance productivity
  • reduce work stress and anxiety
  • improve creativity
  • improve higher quality thinking 
  • improve interpersonal communication amongst team members

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Wellness 

Create a Healthy Workspace for All


Businesses with no means to support diverse workers risk decreased productivity from distracted or distressed employees (who may find their performance suffering as they try to stifle their concerns and ‘power through’). This scenario is not sustainable, and can only undermine company culture, productivity, and employee satisfaction in the long term.

As experts in employee wellness through the lens of DEI, we welcome the opportunity to support businesses in their wellness initiatives. Let us help you take ownership of this very necessary process, for the evolution of your company, the wellness of current employees and the attraction of new ones.

As we negotiate a societal turning point, and find new ways of being in the workplace, companies have the unique opportunity to lead the vanguard. This is a time of adaption, and innovation. Your organization can use this momentum to make lasting change.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. DeMarsay on several projects and have been impressed by her sense of mastery. She is brilliant, diligent, effective and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Joseph Feaster, Esq.
McKenzie and Associates

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