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Imagine your team: resilient, engaged, and productive even during times of change, adversity and uncertainty. 

Team Resilience

AN INTEGRATIVE  approach to stress resilience


Organizational Leaders, CEO’s, Mid to Senior Level Managers, Directors, Supervisors, Executive Assistants


6 – 18


6 hours (two three-hour sessions) 

Course Description

Think of a time you were under considerable stress or ‘burned out’. What was your capacity for making effective decisions and sound choices? Did you have a plan for addressing the stress and charting a course toward a healthy workplace?

Designed for participants striving to transform the way they address stress, this team training:

  • Examines the importance of workplace and corporate wellness, with an emphasis on addressing mental health and substance abuse* in the workplace
  • Prepares participants with the tools to assess the wellness needs of the organizations
  • Provides strategies for planning, developing and implementing a comprehensive, corporate wellness program

*Individualized coaching for executive recovery is available. 


  • Knowledge of How to Practice Self Care Under Stress
  • Understanding of the Value of Self-Care and Corporate Wellness
  • Practices for Tending to Personal Needs as Individuals 
  • Understanding the Cost of Stress and Burnout for a Team
  • Knowledge of How Your Stress Impacts Your Team
  • Stratagies for Addressing Stress & Fatigue in the Workplace
  • Steps for Leading by Example & Fostering a Healthy Workplace

Flow Training for Leaders & Teams

Optimize energy & human possibility


Organizational Leaders, CEO’s, Mid to Senior Level Managers, Directors, Supervisors, Executive Assistants


6 – 18


6 hours

Course Description

In today’s workforce, high performing employees are expected to work longer hours and produce more results. The outcome? Reduced performance and diminished morale. 

So what is the key to optimal performance? Energy management.

Based on the teachings of world-renowned performance psychologist, Dr. Jim Loehr, this team training:

  • Considers key principles of energy management
  • Examines tools for balancing the output of energy for both corporate wellness and employee performance
  • Explores strategies for recovery and renewal 


  • Understanding of the interplay between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy
  • Knowledge of daily routines that create and sustain positive energy
  • Understanding of the critical role of sleep for energy recovery
  • Discovery of the integral role of nutritional science
  • Practices with workplace friendly exercises that sustain energy 
  • Awareness of thinking patterns that sap energy
  • Stategic mindfulness practices to support engagement in corporate wellness
  • Tools to mobilize energy on demand


Begin with an end in mind

01. Initial Consult

We’ll discuss your business and team’s training needs, the challenges you’re facing and identify the outcome you’d like to see within the organization.

02. Define Vision 

We’ll define a compelling vision for your personal leadership and/or your team and what you’d like to achieve. Together, we’ll decide which training aligns best with your vision. 

03. Learning Outcomes 

Together, we’ll craft learning outcomes that align with your vision – these are the foundation of your training and ensure the learning experience is tailored for maximum results.

04. Design

Content is customized to be a meaningful learning experience – this includes visuals, activities and creative ways to leverage technology for optimal engagement. 

05. The Experience 

The learning experience is delivered for your team via Zoom (or your desired platform, which is confirmed in phase 3). Engagements are delivered as full-day, half day retreat, or two-hour experiential workshop. 

06. evaluation 

We review evaluations and analyze the impact of the learning experience at the individual and organizational level. Results are documented and recommendations are made for continued development and/or coaching. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. DeMarsay on several projects and have been impressed by her sense of mastery. She is brilliant, diligent, effective and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Joseph Feaster, Esq.
McKenzie and Associates

Its time to begin. 

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