Proven Methods for Leadership Effectiveness

My Approach to Coaching Leaders

My Approach 

Coaching leaders towards sustainable health, energy, and performance in the service of their mission. 

When we are stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out, we are less effective at everything we do, and our ability to achieve our goals is hindered. My leadership coaching services are designed to help high-performing individuals renew and strengthen their personal well-being with the ultimate goal of increasing their effectiveness in all areas of life.

Attempting to sustain high performance without attending to self-care can backfire, often leading to a depletion of physical, emotional and spiritual energy. A proactive approach to optimal health is necessary to perform at one’s highest capacity, both personally and professionally.

Human energy is the currency of productivity and high performance. By learning to incorporate self-care practices and energy management, my clients learn to maintain full engagement and perform at high levels without sacrificing their health and quality of life.

I take an integrative approach to helping leaders build and sustain their personal capacity.

My areas of specializations include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Health & Wellness
  • Substance Addiction
  • Flow Mindset
  • Energy Management

Leadership Wellness

Health & Wellness 

To reach our full potential, we need to optimize our most valuable resource: energy. We’ll integrate science-based solutions with an emphasis on nutrition, work/life balance, and mindfulness practices.  

Executive Recovery 

Learn tools for behavior change and how to lead a balanced life with mindfulness for stress reduction. Discover which foods optimize brain health and aid in repairing the body.

Flow Mindset

Learn concrete triggers and techniques to access flow so you and your team can work (create) in an optimal state. Learn to internalize flow so it becomes a mindset and lifestyle.

Contemplative Leadership 

Learning experiences designed to help improve individual and team engagement, including mindfulness, energy management, stress resilience and bias awareness.

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