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Mindfulness Strategies for Inclusive Workplaces 

Dr. Thulani On


Of all the qualities needed for effective leadership, resilience has never been more important. Discover how to lead with clarity, calm and wisdom during times of uncertainty and change. 




I am a leadership coach and facilitator based in Boston, MA. My mission for the past 20-years has been helping leaders and teams to build resilience, optimize potential and improve organizational effectiveness.

My work intersects leadership, contemplative practice, wellbeing and performance. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master’s degree in leadership and organizational dynamics and a master’s degree and PhD in human development.

My dissertation explores how c-suite leaders use contemplative practices to build resilience. My current research focuses on the role of mindfulness training to reduce unconscious bias.

As part of my life-long commitment to racial equity and social justice, I am working with leaders and teams to foster equitable and inclusive workplaces. Please click here to learn about my Mindful Inclusion Training.

Helping Leaders and Teams to Cultivate Self-Awareness & Build Capacity

Contemplative Leadership


  1. Practices that help to cultivate insight, self-awareness, deep listening, concentration, compassion, etc.

  2. The ability to lead with calm, clarity and focus amidst change and uncertainty.

  3. A practice of ongoing awakening, reflection, questioning, and expanded self- awareness.


Having a greater sense of self-awareness is an essential component of emotional intelligence and effective leadership. 


a kind of mental resource or psychological capital that help leaders to lean in when faced with adversity and challenges in the organization.


Being present is key to enhanced productivity and effective leadership. It allows leaders to be more in the moment and available to their teams.

Sustainable & Systemic Change

Mindfulness Training for Inclusive Workplaces

Unconscious bias in the workplace has become a major focal point in diversity and inclusion work. Industries across the country are seeking solutions to foster a more inclusive and equitable work culture. However, an important piece of the puzzle is missing: Mindful Awareness

Even the best trainings are limited if they do not address cognitive processes and internalized fears and prejudices that underlie unconscious bias.  Learn why mindfulness is key and should be included in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. 


Contemplative Leadership

 From Thulani's dissertation, learn how  contemplative practices build resilience and effectiveness in leaders.

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DEI Wellness

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