An invitation to a different kind of leadership

Lead From a Place of Clarity, Calm & Inner Wisdom




No MBA or executive training could have prepared us for the degree of disruption and unpredictability we face, and these times require very different leadership capabilities if we are to steer our organizations and people towards a future we want.


Dr. Thulani

The workplace is changing, and leaders are discovering that reactive approaches to leadership is falling short. The disruption in our world presents an opportunity to open ourselves to new ways of leadership. If, as it seems, nothing will ever be the same, then we have a chance to effect something quite new. 


We can spin our wheels in frustration, or we can walk through this door and see what lies on the other side. I assist clients and their teams to respond  mindfully, and from a place of inner wisdom, to change, and uncertainty - to view disruption not as a negative, but as an invitation. To learn more about my work, please click here

Latest Release by Thulani

An Invitation to Contemplative Leadership

Learn Tools and Practices to: 

  • Cultivate greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Flourish during times of uncertainty, crisis, and adversity
  • Expand capacity, build resilience, develop leadership agility
  • Create stronger team cohesion and collaboration

"We don't need leaders who know about leadership - we need leaders who embody the capacity to lead in the midst of ambiguity and complexity" - Peter Hamill

Contemplative Leadership


  1. Practices that help to cultivate insight, self-awareness, deep listening, concentration, compassion, etc.

  2. The ability to lead with calm, clarity and focus amidst change and uncertainty.

  3. A practice of ongoing awakening, reflection, questioning, and expanded self- awareness.


Having a greater sense of self-awareness is an essential component of emotional intelligence and effective leadership. 


a kind of mental resource or psychological capital that help leaders to lean in when faced with adversity and challenges in the organization.


Being present is key to enhanced productivity and effective leadership. It allows leaders to be more in the moment and available to their teams.

Become Mindfully Inclusive

A Course on Mindfulness for Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias in the workplace has become a major focal point in diversity and inclusion work. Industries across the country are seeking solutions to foster a more inclusive and equitable work culture. However, an important piece of the puzzle is missing: Mindful Awareness

Even the best trainings are limited if they do not address cognitive processes and internalized fears and prejudices that underlie unconscious bias.  Learn why mindfulness is key and should be included in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. 


Contemplative Leadership

 From Thulani's dissertation, learn how  contemplative practices build resilience and effectiveness in leaders.

Featured EBook


for Unconscious Bias

Thulani's eBook introduces mindful inquiry as a practice to engage in difficult conversations about racial equity with compassion, objectivity and neutrality.

Featured Article

From Stress to Flow 

Thulani's article discusses how to create a flow mindset. Reframe stress into fuel for performance rather than the fuse for burning out.