Dr. Thulani Demarsay, Wellness Coach & Life Coach

“Contemplative leadership extends to the organization and helps to shape a mindful culture.” 

-Thulani DeMarsay


Thulani DeMarsay, PhD

Helping Leaders & Teams Expand  Capacity 

I am an executive coach, organizational development consultant, and researcher deeply invested in reimagining the future of leadership. A native Bostonian, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of leaders, including c-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, and professional men and women throughout New England. since 1998. Being a coach and helping leaders expand their capacity is my calling. 

I specialize in organizational leadership, resilience, effectiveness and wellbeing through the lens of contemplative practice. My work is grounded in research – I bridge organizational behavior, psychology, organizational neuroscience and contemplative practice. I work with leaders and teams to create a contemplative practice, which cultivates inner-wisdom, enhance self-awareness, improve quality of presence, expand capacity. 

My Coaching & Consulting Specialties:

Core Values

  • Excellence: Skillfully offer first-rate services
  • Integrity: Honest and open in my business practices
  • Leadership: Lead by example, humility and curiosity
  • Innovation: Committed to staying current and advancing my practice
  • Philanthropy: Make positive contributions to causes that matter to me
  • Service: Contribute my gifts and talents in the service of others


  • PhD and MA in Human Development, Fielding Graduate Univ.
  • Master of Management in Leadership and OD, Cambridge College
  • BA in Psychology, Health Concentration, Cambridge College


  • Diversity and Inclusion, Cornell Univ.
  • Flow Coach, Flow Education Alliance
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Training Group (UK)

What I'm Reading Now...

how I can help 

Leadership Wellness

Leaders who are healthy and fit are more productive. A leader’s ability to be productive and fully engaged is a result of emotional, physical, and psychological well-being.

Flow Mindset

Learn concrete triggers and techniques to access flow so you and your team can work (create) in an optimal state. Learn to internalize flow so it becomes a mindset and lifestyle.

Executive Recovery 

Learn tools for behavior change and how to lead a balanced life with mindfulness for stress reduction. Discover which foods optimize brain health and aid in repairing the body.

Mindful Inclusion

This training examines the nature of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. It explores the science behind mindfulness and how it interrupts automatic, habitual responses.

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