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Dr. Thulani Demarsay, Wellness Coach & Life Coach

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

Albert Einstein

Thulani DeMarsay, PhD

maximize individual & organizational effectiveness

A proud Bostonian, I have been providing training solutions for companies and organizations seeking to improve employee wellness since 1998. I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of leaders, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and professional men and women throughout New England.

A seasoned coach and corporate wellness facilitator, my mission is to empower leaders and organizations to expand capacity and optimize human possibility. At the heart of my philosophy is a belief that one’s ability to be fully engaged is dependent on emotional, psychological and physical well-being.  

A former competitive athlete and fitness enthusiast, my coaching is based on the premise that performance is a by-product of skillfully managing human energy. Leaders who are internally driven by a sense of purpose are better able to sustain engagement, especially during times of uncertainty, change and adversity. 

MY Why

My personal journey of overcoming fibromyalgia syndrome inspired me to pursue a career in wellness and become a health coach. As a former spa owner on Boston’s  Newbury Street, I routinely worked 14-hour days serving my clients, but did not give proper attention to my own self-care. Eventually, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and later became addicted to prescription medication for five years.

After leaving the spa industry, I became intimately involved in several startup ventures founded by MIT alums. We took pride in pulling all-nighters and burning the midnight oil. I observed how several close friends  sacrificed health and quality of life in the service of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Drawing from my personal experience and the success of my clients, I have discovered practical solutions that help leaders to maximize performance and productivity without burning out.  My coaching approach integrates organizational neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology and contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation. 

A method I use in my work with leaders is  flow coaching, which you can learn about here. 


BS in Psychology, Cambridge College

Master of Management Degree in Leadership & OD, Cambridge College

Master’s Degree & PhD in Human Development, Fielding Graduate University 

Relevant Certifications

Certified Flow Coach, Flow Education Alliance

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling, University of Massachusetts, Boston


I am a senior faculty member at Cambridge College where I teach Brain Health, Lifestyle Change, Self-Care for Helping Professionals and Workplace Wellness. In addition, I am a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Boston where I teach in the Addictions Counselor Education Program (ACEP)


My dissertation research focused on contemplative leadership, which explored how contemplative practices such as mindfulness, meditation, centering prayer, and yoga support resilience and effective leadership.

You can find my published dissertation here.
or download my summary here

What I’m Reading Now…

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Some friends I made along the way.

“Systems thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes. It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing ‘patterns of change’ rather than static ‘snapshots.’”

Peter Senge

NOW, LEt’s work together 

Executive Wellness

To reach our full potential, we need to optimize our most valuable resource: energy. We’ll integrate science-based solutions with an emphasis on nutrition, work/life balance, and mindfulness practices.  

Flow Coaching  

Learn concrete triggers and techniques to access flow so you and your team can work (create) in an optimal state. Learn to internalize flow so it becomes a mindset and lifestyle.

Executive Recovery 

Learn tools for behavior change and how to lead a balanced life with mindfulness for stress reduction. Discover which foods optimize brain health and aid in repairing the body.

Virtual Learning  

Virtual learning experiences designed to help improve individual and team engagement, including mindfulness, energy management, stress resilience and bias awareness.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.