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It is a known fact that leaders who are healthy and fit are more productive. Many leaders and senior executives are now remote and spend more than half of their time working, so it's essential to incorporate a health coaching program to support health and sustainability.

WHY LEadership wellness matters

A leader’s ability to be productive and fully engaged is a result of emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Thus, I consider health and energy to be essential for sustainable leadership. A former competitive athlete, my wellness coaching is based on the premise that performance is a bi-product of skillfully managing human energy. By incorporating healthy behaviors and self-care practices, leaders can serve their mission and lead purposeful lives without sacrificing quality of life.

Having worked closely with leaders and senior executives since 1997, I am acutely aware of the numerous challenges they face. My holistic approach integrates performance psychology, positive psychology, flow science, plant-based nutrition and contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation.

Clarify Vision 

My coaching session begins with visioning. Through this process, we’ll clarify your desired outcomes. We identify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the domain of your health and quality of life, resilience, self-awareness or performance.


Coaching Path 

Once you've selected a wellness coaching path that aligns with your vision and leadership objectives, we'll schedule 60-minute sessions on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. You'll be provided with appropriate resources and coaching support to assist you with making desired changes. 

Sustain Change 

Between our sessions, you'll implement certain practices and behavior management strategies that align with your desired vision. We'll monitor your progress and make appropriate changes when necessary.  If needed, you will receive additional support and accountability via text and/or email. 


Thulani is an exceptionally gifted  coach, she is insightful and
possesses the skills necessary to help individuals achieve sustainable change. 
- Dawna Jones, MD
Bella Natural Health 

Executive Wellness

To reach our full potential, we need to optimize our most valuable resource: energy. We’ll integrate science-based solutions with an emphasis on nutrition, work/life balance, and mindfulness practices.  

Flow Coaching  

Learn concrete triggers and techniques to access flow so you and your team can work (create) in an optimal state. Learn to internalize flow so it becomes a mindset and lifestyle.

Executive Recovery 

Learn tools for behavior change and how to lead a balanced life with mindfulness for stress reduction. Discover which foods optimize brain health and aid in repairing the body.

Virtual Learning  

Virtual learning experiences designed to help improve individual and team engagement, including mindfulness, energy management, stress resilience and bias awareness. Please click here

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