A Science-based approach

Mindful Awareness for Unconscious Bias

Dr. Thulani On

Contemplative Leadership

Imagine a future of contemplative leaders who lead with wisdom, steadiness, clarity and resilience during times of crisis, uncertainty, and change. 




I am a performance coach and corporate wellness facilitator with over 20-years of experience helping organizational leaders and teams to build resilience. I am passionate about helping leaders expand capacity and adapt to their increasing demands without sacrificing health or burning out in the process. 

My work is grounded in research. My coaching approach integrates organizational neuroscience, positive psychology, performance psychology and contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation. I also design innovative trainings for leaders and teams. Feel free to check them out while you are visiting my site.

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Find Your Flow

/flō /noun  

  1. an optimal state of consciousness resulting in peak mental and physical performance
  2. attuned attention to an activity you are passionate about, focused on, and immersed in
  3. a moment when time seems to slow down and you are deeply present and absorbed in what you are doing


Mental flow is triggered by having clear goals. You are aware; fully present, immersed, and at one with the task at hand. 


Flow is achieved by feeling connected with your senses; deep breathing, relaxing music, inspirational visuals, touch, etc.


Flow is triggered by physical activity; stretching, balancing, running, martial arts, or strength exercises like yoga or cardio.

A Science-Based Approach

Mindful Awareness for Unconscious Bias

Industries across the country are seeking solutions to foster a more inclusive and equitable work culture. However, a critical piece of the puzzle is missing: Mindfulness.

Even the best trainings are limited if they do not address cognitive processes contributing to unconscious bias. This training introduces a mindful approach for navigating implicit bias in the workplace. Learn how mindfulness can transform teams and why it should be included in diversity and inclusion efforts. 


For Leadership

 From Thulani’s dissertation, learn how  contemplative practices build resilience and effectiveness in leaders.

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For DEI Wellness

Thulani’s piece discusses the mental health implications of systemic racism in the workplace and offers tools for fostering DEI wellness. 

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For Performance

From the Human Performance Institute, reframe stress into fuel for performance rather than the fuse for burning out.