Mindful Leadership Training for Teams 

Contemplative Leadership Course

The kind of leadership required today is different than what was needed in the past.  At the confluence of a global pandemic and the urgent call to address systemic racism, we are at a critical and defining moment that requires a thoughtful response.  This moment needs leaders who can engage in difficult conversations about implicit bias and inequities in the workplace with compassion and intention.

Contemplative practices include mindfulness, meditation, centering prayer, yoga, and other reflective practices, which enables leaders to respond to the reality of constant change from a place of measured calm, clarity, and focus, to create a safe environment for all employees.  It’s no longer about doing but about leadership that evolves out of being.

Benefits of Training

Having worked closely with executive leaders for over 20 years, Thulani knows how important resilience is for effective leadership.  Read Thulani’s dissertation summary on contemplative practice in leadership hereHer evidence-based approach rooted in mindful inquiry increases self-awareness, empowers decision-making, and enhances productivity.  This leads to reduced work stress and anxiety, less absenteeism and turnover, and revenue growth. Other benefits include: 

  • Higher quality thinking 
  • Improved emotional, physical, and mental energy
  • Better communication among team members
  • Lessened rigidity and improved creativity

Quietly Transformational

The deepened capacity for presence offered by contemplative practice means leading with a steadied and calm stability that your team can count on. Contemplative leadership training ensures leaders have all the necessary tools to foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and well-being at work.  See what the customized process looks like below.

Who This Training is For

  • CEO's
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Mid to Senior Level Managers
  • Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Executive Assistants

Let's discuss how this workshop can reshape the future of your workforce

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Other Services I Offer 

Mindful Inclusion Training

This training examines the nature of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. It explores the science behind mindfulness and how it interrupts automatic, habitual responses.


Using mindful inquiry, I partner with leaders in their respective organizations to help foster a culture of resilience and effectiveness.  My practice areas include organizational change, equity, diversity and inclusion and contemplative leadership.

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